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Cyber Security Consultant

A technocrat with record of developing application security assets for multiple organizations. Possess strong experience in Security Components Development and Deployment, System Security Engineering, Penetration Testing, Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Engineering, Vulnerability Exploit and Impact Analysis. My contribution for a natural gas and utility giant based in the US.


Designing, operating, and maintaining a pipeline facility to meet essential availability, reliability, safety, and security needs as well as process control requirements requires the careful evaluation and analysis of all risk factors. Attacks on a cyber system may involve only the cyber components and their operation, but those impacts can extend into the physical, business, human, and environmental systems to which they are connected. A cyber event, whether caused by an external adversary, an insider, or inadequate policies and procedures, can initiate a loss of system control, resulting in negative consequences.


My solutions for oil and gas pipelines promote safety, environmental responsibility, and efficient operations. The assessment process takes inventory of all cyber assets, how they’re connected, and how they’re programmed. This includes: Servers | Network switches | User terminals | Desktop and laptop PCs | PLCs and controllers | Terminal racks | Wireless transmitters and receivers | Mobile devices on the network.


As a result of my cyber security vulnerability assessment solution, a natural gas pipeline company was able to empirically identify and quantify all of the steps required to improve the security and reliability of its natural gas distribution pipeline network, and therefore increase the uptime and availability of its system.