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Agile Methodology

One of our clients, marketing and consulting company that provides business, marketing, and technology services, head quartered in the US, approached us for an Agile Coach, who could help and mentor the team in various Agile methodologies. The ideal cosnultant as per our client is some one who has over 15+ industrial experience, with SaFe certifications and who is an Agile Scrum master. The consultant who should be an Agile coach should also have experience of implementing new age engineering practices (DevOps, BDD, etc) with tools such as SpecFlow, JIRA, HipChat, etc.

Brief overview of Agile Methodology

In traditional software development methodologies like Waterfall model, a project can take several months or years to complete and the customer may not get to see the end product until the completion of the project.

At a high level, non-Agile projects allocate extensive periods of time for Requirements gathering, design, development, testing and User Acceptance Testing, before finally deploying the project.

In contrast to this, Agile projects have Sprints or iterations which are shorter in duration (Sprints/iterations can vary from 2 weeks to 2 months) during which pre-determined features are developed and delivered.

Agile projects can have one or more iterations and deliver the complete product at the end of the final iteration.

How our consultant helped the client

Worked very closely with the Leadership team and Agile Champions to remove most of the organizational level impediments.

Organized 150+ training sessions ranging from Mindset, Foundational Agile Practices to Advanced Agile practices and trained 1100+ employees from Business and IT in India, US, Australia, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Belgium and London.

Successfully accredited 2 in-house training courses with IC Agile (International Consortium for Agile, US) and entitled the employees for ICAgile Professional & ICAgile ATF (Agile Team Facilitator) certifications.

Coached and groomed 60+ Scrum Masters and Product Owners across the organization and it helped to reach 80% agile adoption across the enterprise.